Q.  Once I've entered a draw, can I cancel my entry and choose to go into another draw instead?

A.   No - so please choose carefully.  Of course if you'd like an entry in another draw, you are more than welcome to make another donation, and then enter the other draw as well.

Q.  I've just donated $50 to RURAL AID.  Does that mean I can enter every draw which has a $50 donation requirement?

A.   No.  One donation equals one entry to one draw only.   If multiple entries in the same or across different draws are received using the same receipt number - all entries attached to that receipt number (including any winning entry) - will be disqualified. 

Q.  I won a prize, however I cannot find my receipt to verify my donation.  Can I still keep the prize?

A.   Verification of the donation receipt will be required prior to the prize being awarded.  The name and receipt number will need to match the entry.  No exceptions.

Q.  Is anyone making any profit from this promotion? 

A.   No - not a single red cent.  Every dollar donated goes directly to a registered relief charity, and your donations are tax-deductible.

Q.  I can't use my prize.  Can I sell it, transfer it to someone else, change the destination, use it as a credit etc?

A.   Unfortunately not, and it's important you read any terms and conditions of the prize before you enter, as there may be use-by dates or black-out dates.  If in doubt, don't donate.

Q.  I can't afford to donate, but is there any other way that I can help?

A.   Absolutely - you can

      *  ask friends or family for an entry into one of the competitions as an early Christmas              present

      *  hop on our facebook page and "share" as often as you can

      *  tell everyone you know about this promotion so they can donate and participate

      *  Get onto our facebook page and leave a message of moral support or a video to

          say hello and "hang in there" to our farmers

      *  Say some prayers for rain

      *  you can contact your State MP and ask them what your State Government is doing by

          way of emergency measures to help our farmers and regional communities. 

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