Australia’s drought is currently being described as "the worst drought in living memory”, and a “national disaster”.  66% of Queensland is drought-declared, and an incredible 99% of NSW is drought-affected.

And now catastrophic fires.  Homes destroyed, lives and stock lost, and wildlife killed and injured.


In times of war, our military steps up.  

In times of National Disaster, ordinary Australians step up.

Government will eventually figure out who needs what, when, how much and where - but drought and fire relief agencies urgently need cash to get help to where the need is greatest - for food, for shelter, and for comfort.


That's on us. 


Each and every one of us.


Bales of hay to feed livestock are now costing 5 times as much as pre-drought prices and farmers are shooting or selling stock to slaughter as they cannot afford to feed them. 


The suicide rate for Australian farming men is double the general male population and it’s a widely held belief in rural Australia that the city folk in  Australia don’t care.   


We Do


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The Australian Travel Industry has come together with a massive range of prizes to encourage all Australians to Double Down, Dig Deep and DONATE for drought and fire relief in the lead up to Christmas 2019.

Regional and rural Aussies - your fellow Australians have got your backs!

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"Oh for the Love of Australia" started as an idle musing, which suddenly morphed into a national campaign. 
"What would inspire donation-fatigued Australians to dig a little deeper to donate, or to donate again?"
For a couple of travel-junkies like us, there could only be only one answer.  TRAVEL PRIZES!!
However many travel companies in Australia are also "donation-fatigued".  They are approached for prizes from charities and local groups on a daily basis, and many travel companies already have their own "give-back" initiatives in place.
Yet the ones on this website heard the call, doubled down and found even more.
For that we are hugely indebted to them, we recognize their efforts in finding the funds, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.
While the companies on this website haven't offered prizes in order to gain publicity, we would like to ask you to remember their names, and to one day choose them.
Each of them is a leader-by-example in the corporate world.
So from us to you - thank you.
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P.S.  We'd like to thank AFTA for their support and encouragement.

“At a time when so many in the travel industry enjoy their own success and customers and clients are considering and taking holidays away, it seems to me that we should if we can support the “Oh for the Love of Australia” – The Australian Travel Industry’s Christmas Drought Appeal and so with the wonderful leadership of Bev Walters from Travel Bird, AFTA is 100% behind this initiative.   If you can give, you should give and support”  Jayson Westbury, AFTA Chief Executive. 

Davina Korner is a force of nature.  Upon hearing about this campaign Davina's reaction was instantaneous,  "I'm IN - let's DO this".  Energetic, enthusiastic, supportive and "as funny as".
Professionally, Davina has over 21 years’ experience in the Travel Industry.  Currently Head of Sales Australia for CVFR Consolidation Services, Davina has travelled extensively, with knowledge and first-hand experience of destinations across the world.  Davina enjoys using her experience to work closely with her agents in helping them grown their businesses.
Bev Walters has been a small business owner for 18 years, and a "career consultant" in travel for nearly 30 years.   Career Consultant is a polite term for industry dinosaur.
Hopelessly addicted to travel, Bev is the Principal of Travel Bird.
Bev is a member of Conscious Capitalism, which is described as "a bold defence and re-imagining of capitalism and a blueprint for a new system for doing business".  
Bev is passionate about gardening, her family, her ever-expanding zoo of pets, and has never met a Lindt Ball she didn't like.
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